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My wife Angie and I discovered Claire's at the end of our vacation on Oct 30,2015. That was the only place we dined for the rest of our trip. OUTSTANDING food,service, and bar tender.
Steve Bollier

We ate on a Sunday morning at 0900 and were seated right away. Good thing too because it was already getting busy and shortly after we were seated people were having to wait. It has indoor/outdoor seating. Booth and table and chairs are available. They also served Mimosas and Bloody Mary's for those wanting to keep going from the previous night. I ordered the apple pie waffle and scrambled eggs and bacon. My wife ordered the banana bread french toast. Both
dishes were Unbelievable. The waffle tasted like an apple pie pastry. The banana bread french toast had 2 slices of banana bread cooked french toast style. Walnuts topped the bread covered in a light caramel glaze. This was topped with sliced banana. delicious!!!! The price was reasonable for any meal at Estes Park.
posted on October 25, 2015 by Justin W.

Very comfy atmosphere and amazing food. The staff made you feel at home and very personable. Will definitely be back here. Bacon bloody Mary and a bacon waffle. What more do you want?
posted on October 25, 2015 by Obannion S.

Amazing breakfast! Six of us all had something different and everything was wonderful. I had the Cuban benedict which had tons of pulled pork on a chorizo biscuit, and was covered in a spicy hollandaise. The potatoes were crispy and we'll seasoned. My husband had French toast, which was excellent. My friend had the breakfast burrito which was smothered in some of the best green chile I've tasted. Everything is made from scratch, and the staff was super friendly. I
would highly recommend this joint.
posted on October 21, 2015 by dradebaugh

It was a nice warm fall day. We decided to eat outside for lunch but so did everyone else so not be in their beautiful porch but inside. Staff was attentive and food was excellent. Beer served in a frosted mug. I have heard they have a new chef. Thumbs up!
posted on October 11, 2015 by JimW9

We were in this part of the world for two weeks. (Rapid City area & RM National Park) We had NO bad meals, but the one we had at Claire's was by far the best! The restaurant, the waiter, the preparation, presentation and quality of the meal, were all first class. My only regret is that I am now at home 1200 miles away and can't go back there this week!
posted on October 2, 2015 by Christine T

Nice decor. Attractive indoor and outdoor seating. Seated quickly and it was busy. Friendly service. If you like eggs Benedict of any sort they have a full section on the menu strictly 'eggs benedict'. Usually it is only one offering. The menu was extensive for other options as well. It was so good I can savor this flavor several days later! If I go back I will surely try lunch or
dinner. There was a full bar.

We’ve just come home from an impromptu Friday night dinner at Claire’s and want to say to everyone in Estes Park, Allenspark, and every other Park: RUN to experience what Claire’s new executive chef, Bill Brink, can do with food! According to our still-tingling taste buds, the bar in Estes has been significantly raised.

We had a light and crispy pork schnitzel with lemon and capers and a juicy, delicious chicken roulade that came with perfectly crunchy-sweet whole green beans. We ate off each other’s plates down to the shine.
We think Claire’s has always been a solid, middle-of-the-road place, in line with a lot of other good restaurants in town. Now, though, it’s taken off straight up to the top of the pack. Don’t wait! 
Grant and Chris Fleming
Estes Park

A true gem! Just happened on the place and WOW best explains the service, food and attention to detail. Claire (the owner) is hands on and settles for nothing less than full customer satisfaction. The best breakfast in Estes Park and prices that help you save those extra pennies for gas. GO Claire’s!!
Floyd Jennings

The best breakfast– that hollandaise is outstanding. The only thing better than your food is this beautiful Estes Park.

That is the best burger I’ve had in a long time.


That is the best beef rib I’ve ever had in a restaurant. You cut your own fresh vegetables. They aren’t frozen and you can tell the difference.

I am from Arizona and that’s the best Ruben I’ve had. We love your restaurant and the great views!
Rob, Arizona

Dear Claire & Company,
Thank you so much for a most delicious and enjoyable dining experience! You made it worth the drive from California!
The Bluemel's, Califonia

Here is a recent review from TRI 102.5:

Restaurant Review – Claire’s on the Park in Estes Park

By Justin Tyler August 8, 2016 12:03 PM
During a recent morning visit to Estes Park to see the sunrise from Rocky Mountain National Park, we were hungry for great breakfast. And we found it!

Let me take the time to introduce you to Claire’s on the Park in Estes Park, which is located on Park Lane right behind Bond Park. Honestly, we had never heard about Claire’s until we stumbled across it early Saturday morning as our stomachs were screaming after an early morning hike.

However I am so happy our stumbles took us to Claire’s, which has automatically jumped to one of the top five breakfasts that I have ever had.

First off, we picked the right day to come as mimosas on this beautiful Saturday morning were “2 for 1″. My wife and I both enjoyed one, and it was one of the best tasting I have had in quite a while.

Next on the list…THE FOOD. Which was equally as fantastic.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I looked at the menu was that the size was just right. There was just enough options to make your mouth water each one, but not so much where your mind started to spin.

I ended up getting the crab cake benedict, which was two crab cakes placed on english muffins and topped with the two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and chives. I can some this meal up in one word.


Wait, I have more words to describe it: UNBELIEVABLE, PERFECT…

Yeah, you get the idea.

The thing with crab cakes is that they can go one of two ways. Cooked just right or made completely wrong. The way Claire’s prepares their crab cakes is a model that many restaurants should use, especially when adding them into a benedict breakfast. It had just the right amount of crab but it didn’t overpower the entire meal.

For the side with my benedict were breakfast potatoes that had the right amount of seasoning and were crispy, which is exactly the way I like it.

However, while the crab cake benedict and the breakfast potatoes were fantastic…the bacon was the BEST bacon I have ever dug my teeth into.

The bacon literally melted in my mouth. That is no exaggeration. As soon as I bit into it, my taste buds went on overdrive and I probably could’ve ordered five more plates of the delectable side dish.

Plus the pieces were thick and fresh! Not the flimsy, thin pieces you get from some other breakfast locations.

Lastly, sitting on the patio at Claire’s allows you to envelop yourself into the Estes Park atmosphere…and the service there was enjoyable and polite. Which can sometimes be hard to come by at 7:30 at some restaurants.

All in all…I give Claire’s 5 slices out of bacon out of 5 possible. Yes, they hit that big of a home run!

The next time you are in Estes Park, check them out for breakfast along with lunch and dinner. You won’t be disappointed!

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